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Why product label printing and packaging will give your online shop the edge

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Online shop products flying out of a box with a woman excited to receive her product

In this article, we will discuss how product label printing or custom sticker printing and packaging can help your business achieve an edge.

In our previous article, we covered online shopping statistics and shopping behaviour in South Africa, which are critical to understand to ensure you have a holistic understanding of your prospective clients. (If you missed it, read it here)

If you look at Take-A-Lot or Amazon, your product comes in a box or quality packaging. It does not come in a plastic bag. You feel like you bought a quality product from a reputable organisation. But is there a way to follow suit and stand out from the already dominant online retailers. Of course!

You can be creative or ensure you have exquisite product label printing and creative professional packaging, supplied by graphic design and printing experts who will put your passion on your product. This can help you market your product in a unique way so you have return customers, which means bigger profit margins for your business. Kind of like a unique selling point.

How to get your product to stand out from the competition

1. How can you make your product packaging personal?

Everything that is truly valuable in life involves relationships. People want to feel important. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, social needs (love and belonging) rank third, and it remains so to this day. Make your client feel special, as if they are the first client you have ever done business with. Start thinking about how you can make your packaging personal.

a. Can you get a personal note printed with a motivational saying on it that goes into the packaging? A fridge magnet that could strike up a conversation when your client is socialising with their friends?

b. What about a message about how valuable your client is and how you appreciate them buying from your business.

2. Give great customer care by a human.

In a world of AI and online customer service bots, many generations are quickly becoming tired of speaking to a bot that simply cannot manage their query. Use the opportunity when delivering your package, to include:

a. Your contact details, especially to speak to a human if they have a customer service query.

b. Your return policy details, will provide immediate peace of mind.

3. Leverage physical interaction with packaging to get more exposure.

Does your packaging provide a good impression of your brand and product? Is it professionally labelled to bring excitement that their parcel from your business arrived? It should.

What does the parcel look like outside? What is inside besides the product they ordered from you? What makes it different from other parcels they receive?

If you get this right, it can create an opportunity for clients to rant and rave about you to friends, provided your product is also living up to expectations, and it might lead to:

a. Unboxing videos about your product, whereby you are receiving promotion free of charge on other digital platforms.

b. Influencer marketing could boost your business and even score points on the viral marketing avenue for you.

c. Bring more positive online reviews.

4. Increase your return on investment with return customers.

Online, it is easy to have an automatic pop-up that says “other clients also bought XYZ with this item,” but how can you cross-sell and upsell when a client receives your parcel.

Here are a few pointers to consider:

a. Include a quality printed brochure or flyer with complimentary products and a small amount of information on it, just enough to get them excited to go back to your online store.

b. Include product information, whether it is information about the origins of the product, or a story about how the company started and what care they take to bring this special product to you. Give them something.

c. Include proper “how to” instructions if the product requires that and be sure to put a pdf download of it on your website just in case clients lose the information.

d. Give them a printed gift voucher for a free item the next time they buy from you for a certain amount.

5. First impressions last.

Many people print the information they insert in their packaging themselves, but when you really want to make an impression, you must carry the look of a superior product.

This is achieved with quality product label printing:

a. Pick an experienced vinyl sticker printer who will not allow your product labels and package stickers to be pixelated. This will promote the quality of your brand, but if it is pixelated, it immediately gives the impression of being cheap.

b. Product labelling is important. They are not only part of your product’s packaging, but they also play a vital role as a marketing tool. Packaging and labelling must catch the eye, tell a story, and be durable.

c. Pick a printing shop with experience who can assist by graphically designing the right marketing materials, which include custom sticker printing for your products and the delivery box.

d. Use quality boxes and wrapping with your boxing, because this says that you care about your product and want your customer to receive it without being damaged.

In our article, 5 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Printing Company, I speak about how to choose the correct printing company. Read through it to be guided on how to choose the right printing company to help you make the absolute best impression and maintain your brand identity in the online shopping market.

Final thoughts:

Product labelling is vital for effective and impactful packaging. Stickers and labelling are versatile and one of the most effective and, cost-effective, marketing tools. We provide our expertise and work with top quality equipment to help you achieve exactly that for your business and product.

Our high-quality printing has helped people market and promote their small and big businesses. You believe in your product, and we believe in ours – combined perfection.

Printing and packaging can give your business an edge. Put us to the test before you search for “label sticker printing near me.”

Click here to get a free quote or simply to talk about your needs.


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