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Does a marketing strategy include brand printing on products?

Marketing is a holistic approach. Many people mistakenly think social media marketing is the only effective form of marketing required in 2022. Any experienced digital marketer will tell you that marketing is holistic and consists of various online and offline strategies that work together to increase brand awareness, obtain leads and inevitably increase sales. In this article we will explain how an effective marketing strategy will include brand printing of products and which products should always form part of your marketing plan.

A brief holistic marketing strategy

Opening a Facebook or Instagram business page is free, and easy, you design some posts and write something about your business, keep reposting from other interesting feeds and that's it. Business should surely start flowing in, right? But it doesn't and we wonder why. Online Marketing takes time, using correct resources and continuous consistency.

You might have a huge budget but you might be a start-up business who doesn't. You're great at your job, heck you can even sell like Steve Jobs but you have absolutely no background in marketing, so you wing it. Winging it is not the answer, planning is.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Answer these questions to help you set up a basic marketing guide:

Create a plan

  • What does you SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis look like?

  • Do you have a marketing plan that consists of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based) goals?

  • Who is your niche/target market?

  • Where will you find them?

  • How will you get them to trust you?

  • What lasting memory will you leave with them if you meet in person?

Create a budget

  • How much money am I willing to invest in growing my business?

  • How much money do I have right now to invest?

  • Printing and software costs? (Software often saves you time and costs less than employing someone, so use this to your advantage)

  • Do you have staff available to focus a few hours per day on executing your marketing plan?

  • If you don't, will you spend at least 2+ hours per day marketing your business? (ideally you should)

We are so privileged to work with and alongside professionals that know exactly what we


One of my friends and referral partners, Tamsin Haley, has just launched a book, "Don’t be a Twatwaffel," that can guide you step-by-step to ensure you follow the guidelines. It's easy to read, easy to plan from, and easy to put into action.

Order the book directly with Tamsin Haley for only R350 excl courier costs. Drop an e-Mail to

The importance of printing

Print is an integral part of creating brand awareness. Yes, it can be more costly in some cases, but that's why you start with the necessities and work your way up as you grow. Printing says: "we're serious about business," "we're invested in our business," "our clients are valuable," and "our clients trust us."

Printing leaves lasting memories!

All that from a banner or a branded T-shirt? Indeed. Why, because you are spending money that confirms that you are invested in and trust your product and you know that your brand can be displayed anywhere. You have nothing to hide. You value your clients because you're willing to give them branded merchandise, pens, notebooks, or branded gifts to thank them. If your client is wearing your shirt, then surely they trust or at least still like your brand... hmm, it might depend on what they're doing while they're wearing your shirt, but generally speaking. You can be trusted because potential clients see you as an established company.

If you are confident and proud of your brand, your clients will surely be as well.

Many established companies have uniforms with company logos printed on them. Brand printing on banners, business cards, or apparel branding must be part of your marketing budget or at least part of your marketing plan because it is still part of the most important aspects of a holistic marketing campaign. Ryan Farris agrees with me and I quote: ".. it is important to incorporate both print and digital mediums to create a highly effective marketing campaign..."

If you plan and are laser-focused on your target market, you will achieve your goal and do so without feeling like you have unnecessarily spent on printing.

Three essential brand printing on products

First and foremost: logo, printed business cards, and website - this is a must. Yes, strictly speaking, a logo and a website are not printed, but give me a moment to explain before we get to the essentials.

  • All your digital efforts will point back to your website. Your website is the way marketers will analyse and track data.

  • Your business cards will always be asked for at networking events, business meetings, or even during in-person social interactions where you have an opportunity to do a 90 second sales pitch.

  • A logo is important and must be well thought through and must have meaning for what you want to represent.

The three essential printing needs for a company are:

  1. Professional business cards - This represents your company’s brand. Not only does it convey important information, but it is the first exposure to the overall image of the business.

  2. Brand your vehicle – Branding your vehicle helps you to establish your business and brand in the market daily face to face. Ensure to use big, simple fonts so people can read it from far away. It's very annoying to try to squint when you drive behind a vehicle to get their phone number or e-mail address. Many people drive and walk past a vehicle; this can be a first impression, so make it count!

  3. Apparel branding – This has become the dominant competitive strategy for companies. Having your brand printed on your clothing is not only neat, but it shows that you're an organisation that's reliable and not a fly-by-night company. Free promotion and even more impressions wherever you, an employee or customer wear it.

What do all 3 have in common?

Visibility - Visibility – Visibility

Creating brand awareness offline and online

In closing, I'd like to mention that your marketing efforts must be invested in both digital and print efforts. Printing may have decreased in certain aspects. Gone are the days of overflowing post boxes stuffed with 80% company ads. And that's exactly why this is a hot time to print more, print with a specific plan and purpose.

There are more opportunities to actually get your flyer read if it's in someone's post box. There's an opportunity to not get lost in someone's mobile phone book.

There's an opportunity to give a gift to be remembered by clients, even a small sticker or a cap reserved for clients only.

Most vehicles are branded, and if you don't brand, you will lose opportunities to get income while someone else takes that part of your potential customers, and who knows who will see you when you walk into a grocery store, or a school event, or even at a social gathering, if you have the right apparel/shirt on with the right info. That could bring you your next potential big client.

Never give up

Lastly, never give up! It is hard to own and manage your company successfully, but if you persevere, you will pick the fruit. If you must, change and adapt your strategies - all marketers adapt and change until they find the right ingredients. Just don't give up. There is a place for every business to make money and make a difference. If you put your heart into it, do everything you can to market your brand, build relationships and remain patient while you push consistently forward, you will succeed.

Contact us to assist you with brand printing on products, apparel branding and bulk printing for your business.

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