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Campus Solutions was founded in June of 2015. Archie and Lisa Quevedo co-own the company, and both have a long list of qualifications and expertise to execute tasks efficiently.


Campus Solutions began in Waterstone Village, Somerset West, and in 2020 relocated to the Talisman Hire building in Strand.


We are a premier print, design, and copy studio in the Helderberg region. Our team is made up of design and printing industry professionals who pay attention to what you have to say and bring your vision to life. We use high-quality products to provide the best solution for your brand.


Throughout our years in business, we have met a wide range of clients and have appreciated every opportunity to serve them, whether it was for a few copies, printing business cards, or designing and printing life-size banners.

We take ownership of each project as if it were our own because we know how precious your business is to you.

With our knowledge and skill, we guide our clients to receive optimal output from their print marketing investment with us.

Feel free to stop by any time for a cup of coffee and to use our free visitors internet while we speak about your business.


Printing and design are our passions, and we take ownership of each project as if it were our own.




Empowering creativity and driving business success through innovative printing solutions, we aspire to be the premier hub where imagination meets functionality. Our vision is to redefine the printing landscape, seamlessly blending creativity and business acumen to inspire, connect, and elevate the aspirations of individuals and enterprises alike.

Our mission is to revolutionize the printing industry by empowering creativity and fostering business success through innovative solutions. We strive to become the ultimate destination, seamlessly merging imagination with practicality to inspire, connect, and elevate individuals and enterprises' aspirations.

At Campus Solutions, we value integrity and quality in all aspects of our printing services. We believe in offering our clients the best possible products, in a timely and reliable manner. With our commitment to exceptional service and outstanding quality.

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·Our 12 Point Culture ·


Being friendly and always speaking positively towards life, people, team mates, and clients when walking in, assisting clients, and towards management and your team mates.


Being sincere in what you recommend to clients, sincere towards what you can and can't do versus what you won't or not in the mood to do.


Always staying professional in whatever situation you are in.


Being consistent in your actions towards clients in every walk of life and following the procedures and systems of Campus Solutions.

On time delivery

Reliable, punctual deliveries guaranteed. We prioritize on-time service to ensure your projects are completed promptly, every time


Speak with good purpose. Always empowering and positive. Don’t listen to sarcasm or gossip. Listen, then speak. Acknowledge what is being said. Take responsibility for your actions when it comes to communication, whether good or bad. Always speak the truth. Make agreements you are always willing to keep.

team work

Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve team goals, focus on cooperation, come to a solution rather than a compromise, be flexible, be willing to ask for help, and show compassion to others who ask you.


Do what was taught in a fast and professional manner, and be the best at it.


Be sincere and honest in a professional and compassionate manner when needed.

hard working

Always give your utmost 100% and always go the extra mile for your teammates and clients.


Committed to the company's vision, mission, goals, rules, values, and success of it.


Always speak the truth, deliver what you promised, and make agreements you are willing to keep. Clear up all miscommunication in a proper manner.

Let’s Work Together

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2nd Floor, Talisman Strand Building

cnr of Main Rd and Rankine St

Strand. South Africa 7140

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