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5 Printing Strategies to Maximise Exposure at an Expo

It's expo time. You need to set up a booth to maximise exposure at an expo, but where do you begin?

Creating a memorable booth is key to attracting attention and generating leads, ensuring your investment is optimised. Therefore, we've decided to set up a list of what you need to consider when designing and printing the most viable marketing materials to attract key customers.

1. Network Building Printed Materials


Display your products or services with superior catalogues. Include clear and detailed descriptions, captivating visuals, and your contact information.

Business Folders

Embellish your professional image with stylish, branded business folders that include:

  1. Business cards

  2. A branded pen

  3. A customised A4 notebook that includes your branding

  4. A basic company profile (your story) and services offered

2. Freebies with Impact

Choose useful, high-quality freebies that people will appreciate receiving. Branded items such as water bottles, reusable shopping bags, and licence disc stickers come to mind.

Maintain quality gifts, as low-quality giveaways are often quickly forgotten. Invest in something useful that will enhance your reputation.

These are also great for raffle prizes.

3. Capturing Leads at Events

Raffle Tickets and Entry Forms

Encourage participation by holding a raffle or prize draw. Raffle tickets and entry forms contain valuable contact information for future follow-up, lead nurturing, and ultimately converting those hard-earned expo hours into a sale.

4. Eye-Catching Booth Display

The booth is the drawing power. It's almost like an online traffic ad. If your expo booth stands out, you'll attract more attendees and potential customers. The key is to make your booth display eye-catching and memorable, with a clear call to action. Include the following display items:

  1. A minimum of 2 pull up banners

  2. Colourful exterior and interior wall graphics relating to your products, services, or industry. Consider what problem our business solves to attract people's attention.

  3. Branded tablecloths for display or reception tables

5. The Final Touch

Clear Call to Action

Get people to do something—visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or get a quote—by placing a prominent call to action in your booth.


Click here to download the customisable Expo Booth Checklist for Printing to assist you with your next event.

Need Help With Expo Booth Design and Printing?

Don't let the design and printing process be a headache! At Campus Printing Solutions, we can help you create and print everything you need for a successful expo experience. If you want your brand's printed materials to leave a lasting impression, our talented design team is at your service.

Contact Campus Printing Solutions today for a free quote on all your expo printing needs in the Helderberg and surrounding areas. 


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