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Wedding Day Checklist: What Must I Print?

Updated: Apr 16

When your big day arrives, you want every block ticked off your wedding day checklist. Usually, the bride and groom will think of all the major items to prepare for the day.  They will be filled with anticipation as they consider the wedding gown, cake, tuxedo rental, bridesmaid dresses, speeches, décor, photographer, and even honeymoon plans. If they have a wedding planner, she or he will consider an array of items that are not top of mind for every bride.  One thing that’s often neglected and creates unnecessary stress is print designs and then finding a print studio for last minute printing.


So, in an effort to alleviate some of the pressure and ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch, we have compiled a wedding day checklist and a timeline of everything you'll need to print, along with a schedule for when you can get a quote and place your order—which is particularly helpful if you plan to use print delivery to cut down on the amount of time you spend getting your goodies. This list will help you if you are a graphic designer to assist with suggestions for the bride and groom, or if you’re a wedding planner or planning a wedding yourself.


Step 1: Choose a Graphic Designer

First, you need to choose a graphic designer. Designing yourself might not be the best idea unless you are an experienced designer.

The colour you see on your screen is usually RGB, but the colour that is printed is CMYK. Graphic designers know how to make designs that match the colour on your screen to the colour that is printed.  Designers also understand that you need to use the correct resolution to prevent printing from being pixelated as the end product.  Normally, this resolution is 300 dpi.  You need to leave spaces for the bleed, and so forth. 

Contact us if you require a reliable graphic designer, as we do provide this service over and above printing services.

Step 2: Print Designs Checklist

Draw up a checklist for all the custom print designs required for the wedding day. Here’s a list of the usual prints for wedding events, and we'll also provide an easy-to-use pdf version, downloadable at the bottom of this blog:


You can have a wedding without guests, but it’s certainly more memorable when you can share this incredible day with beloved family and friends. So here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Printed invitations: be sure to add the RSVP date.

  2. Customised envelopes for the wedding invitations.


For the wedding day

On the outside

Consider yourself a guest at the wedding to begin.  What will you be on the lookout for when you arrive to ensure you're in the correct location and prevent you from aimlessly wandering with a toddler in tow and children running amok?  Consider where the restrooms, seating areas, wedding site, and reception will be, among other significant locations.

Here’s the wedding day checklist: 

1.    Large Format Printing: Posters, Signage, and Banners

a.    A large welcome sign that lets guests know they have arrived at the correct venue.

b.    Posters directing guests to the correct parking.

c.     Posters directing guests to where the ceremony will take place.

d.    Posters directing guests to the reception area.

e.    Seating plan signs that advise guests where their table is, what the table number is, and who will accompany them at the table.

f.      A welcome banner, especially for the bride and groom, welcome Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

g.    Posters pointing to a smoking section, because there are bound to be a few.

Bonus: custom wedding décor outside and inside would ensure all blend well together.

On the inside

2.    Pamphlet or Flyer Printing

a.    Itinerary because it provides guests with a sense of security by outlining what to expect when. A touching addition would be a backstory about how you two met or why you think love is something worth cherishing.

b.    Meal menu for each family.

C.  If it's a closed bar, a price list would be a nice touch on the back of the menu.

3.    Cards and Gifts

a.    Table numbers are important.

b.    Thank you cards with a special message.

c.     Small thank you gifts like a keyring or chocolate wrapped with the wedding date.

d.    Personalised champaign glasses printed for the bride, groom, best man, and bridesmaids.

4.    Napkins or serviettes

a.    Personalised serviettes or napkins similar to the invitation card design would be super special and add a personal touch to the décor.

Post-wedding day

Photos, photos, and more wedding photos are a must.  Leaving those photos in digital format will only get them lost among thousands of photos on a computer.  Creating a narrative out of this day—a record of the joy, the tears, and the butterflies—that will make the effort of posing for photos worthwhile.

Here are a few options you can consider:

5.    Book Printing with Stories and Memories

a.    Selected photos and captivating captions can be given to your graphic designer. This will be edited into a book of memories, which you can print and bind. Your very own story, in a book. Be sure to keep the design if you want to print one for every child you may bring into the world, as it will be a gift they will also treasure one day. 

6.    Photo Printing

a.    Large and small canvas photo printing for your wall of memories.

b.    Wedding day quality photo prints for your wedding album and photo frames. 

Step 3: Printing Quote

Now that you know what to print, it’s time to get a printing quote. Read our article about 5 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Printing Company before you decide on which print store you should consider.

Your graphic designer can also be of great assistance here. They know which printing companies provide custom printing services and quality, along with ensuring they remain within the required timeframe for the printing to be done on time. I’d like to jump in here and say that we at Campus Printing Solutions will do last minute printing when it is required. 

People often miss one or two things, and we’re happy to step up to the plate and assist if it’s printing we can do on-site.

Here's a tip: always look out for hidden costs, like extra costs if the designs are up to standard or set-up costs.  Ensure your print shop provides a transparent print quote.


Step 4: Printing Delivery

You’ve approved the designs and chosen the correct print shop.  Now you need to leave it up to the pros to provide effective printing and delivery of your order.  Some print shops like us can wrap your prints and courier them to your door, anywhere in South Africa.  If you’re close enough, we will even deliver it ourselves.


You can DIY your printing needs but seeing that this is one of the most special days of your life, you deserve quality printing from an experienced print studio that will meet your expectations for the big day and free up time for you to focus on other important arrangements.   


You or your graphic designer can use this wedding day checklist to remind you what to print and when to get it done for your wedding day.  Here’s a downloadable pdf to make it easier for you.


Contact us to guide you and ensure you’ll have a seamless printing experience that adds to the quality and sophistication of your day of matrimony.

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