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5 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Printing Company

Being a service driven entity means creating client relationships, delivering the best, most friendly, and most sincere service possible, and offering a wide range of services.

1. Range of Services

A good printing company will have extensive knowledge of the printing industry and its services.

And let me tell you, our Co-Owner Archie Quevedo and the team have pretty much seen it all to be able to make your request work. It is amazing what practice, knowledge, and comprehensive experience my guys have - dream team!

If a printing company has minimal equipment, there will be significant limitations on the types of projects it can produce.

Campus Solutions has a range of good quality equipment, but not all printing companies can have it all. Stick with what you are good at and specialise in. It helps having amazing referral partners in the industry that we use, that can help with the above scope of variety - it is of essence to have trust amongst suppliers in this industry - working together to achieve a common goal.

Versatility is one of the best qualities to look for in a printing company. By offering a wide range of products and services, a printing company provides clients with more choices.

2. Great Customer Service

Communication is everything in business. When choosing a printing company for your business, excellent communication is a must. This offers you peace of mind.

This is a quality that can be improved in the printing industry per se.

Delivering to a client's expectations can be tricky, however with Campus Solutions, we ask the right questions and manage expectations to ensure we achieve just that.

Printing companies work with deadlines, and all projects are important and urgent; hence, there is always a system, and it does work on a first come-first-served basis; however, if you have worked with us or alongside us, you will know that committing to your needs, even if it means working overtime to get it done, is something we will not hesitate to do.

The best way to manage the above is with transparency, honesty, and sincerity. This will always be an ongoing challenge but learning and trying to improve it day by day.

For the best outcome, always choose a printer that offers personal attention.

After all, you want your questions and concerns addressed promptly and professionally in every phase of your project. Well-established printing companies should be able to provide project management services skillfully.

3. Experience

Before you choose a printing company, you should consider how long they have been in business. The printing industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving.

Longevity equals credibility.

Make time to meet and greet the team, and you will very quickly see if this is a company you would want to work with.

4. Value For Your Money

Price is always an important consideration when making any purchase. Everyone wants quality printing at an affordable price.

In addition to a fair price, a professional printer can offer additional value in various ways. Traits such as: being easy to work with, listening attentively to clients' needs, being readily available for questions, and providing thorough and accurate quotes add value for the clients' money.

Printing can be expensive, no doubt about that, however like I always say, if you plan your printing budget alongside your marketing plan and with purpose, your return on investment will be worth every penny.

5. Fast and Efficient Delivery

A good printing company delivers on its promises. When you put in an order, the exact timeframe for completion should be clear from the get-go.

Not every company can produce a large number of high-quality materials within a short timeframe, and that is ok. Delivering in a timely fashion will develop a business relationship with a client that lasts long for the benefit of both parties.

I hope this will make your decision making a bit easier. Campus Solutions will always be here to assist, and we will strive to the best of our ability to be your preferred printing hub.

Who is Campus Solutions?

Campus Solutions was created with the vision of being able to provide services within the three spheres, hence the cube in the middle of the "C": print, design, and courier. We started Campus Solutions with a vision of being more than a typical print shop, but a place of gathering.

Campus Solutions Printing and Design in the Western Cape
Campus Solutions Printing and Design in the Western Cape

Our name and logo

The BIG "C" stands for commitment, and we will commit to any job, big or small. Campus solutions have been operational for seven years. Myself (Lisa Quevedo) and my husband (Archie Quevedo) own the company, and for us, operating within our own values is important, so we have aligned our personal values with Campus Solutions, the fruits of the spirit. (Friendliness, sincerity, passion, and compassion)

Our Vision

To create and be a place of gathering, providing solutions through creative thinking.

Meet our team at the Campus Hub or on Zoom.

Share your vision; we want to help your business grow.

The Quevedo's

The experts in printing who listens to you


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