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A List of 10 Promotional Printed Materials for Events

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Do you host marriage seminars, motivational events, and corporate conferences?

Here's a list of 10 important promotional materials you would require for your event:

1. Event Programmes:

These include a schedule of events, information about speakers or presenters, and any additional details or announcements. They help attendees navigate through the event and stay informed about what's happening.

2. Notebook:

A notebook is useful as promotional material to provide attendees with a place to take notes and jot down important information from the event. It can also be customised with the event's logo or branding, serving as a memorable keepsake for participants.

3. Branded Pens:

Branded pens are a practical and cost-effective promotional item that can be distributed to attendees at the event. These pens can be customised with the event's logo or branding, serving as a constant reminder of the event even after it has ended. Additionally, they provide attendees with a useful tool for taking notes during presentations or workshops.

4. Delegate Badges:

Delegate badges are another common promotional item at events. These badges can be personalised with the attendee's name, company, and job title, making it easy for participants to network and connect with each other. They also serve as a form of identification for event staff, ensuring a smooth registration and security process.

5. Table Seating Posters:

At large conferences or gala dinners, table seating posters are often used to help attendees find their assigned seats. These posters display the layout of the tables and provide clear instructions on where each guest should be seated. This not only saves time and confusion during the event but also adds a touch of elegance and organisation to the overall experience.

6. Table Numbers:

At weddings or other large events, table numbers are often used to help guests easily locate their assigned tables. These numbers are usually displayed on small stands or cards placed on each table, making it simple for attendees to find their seats without any confusion or delays. This efficient system ensures a smooth registration process and allows event staff to focus on other tasks, such as greeting and assisting participants.

7. Gift Bags or Gifts:

At conferences or corporate events, gift bags or gifts are often given to attendees as a token of appreciation or to enhance their overall experience. These thoughtful gestures can include personalised items, such as branded merchandise or useful items related to the event's theme. By providing these gifts, organisers not only create a positive impression but also create an opportunity for networking and engagement as attendees discuss and share their experiences with each other.

8. Brochures or Flyers:

This is another common item included in corporate event gift bags. These brochures or flyers provide attendees with additional information about the company hosting the event, its services or products, and any upcoming promotions or discounts. This not only serves as a marketing tool for the company but also allows attendees to have a tangible reminder of the event and potentially generate future business opportunities.

9. Training Manuals or Handbooks:

In a training event, training manuals or handbooks can be included in gift bags to provide attendees with valuable resources and reference materials. These manuals contain detailed information on the training content, step-by-step instructions, and tips for implementing the learned skills. By including these materials, the company ensures that attendees have all the necessary information to apply their new knowledge effectively and serves as a long-term resource for continued learning and development.

10.Banners or Signage:

Banners or signage can be strategically placed throughout the event venue to guide attendees and provide important information. For example, a large banner near the entrance can display the event schedule, while smaller signs can direct attendees to different workshop rooms or breakout sessions. This not only helps attendees navigate the event easily but also reinforces key messages and creates a cohesive branding experience.

Speak to us about your event. We will assist in determining the necessary materials you require to make your event successful and memorable. Bonus: We can design and print it for you.

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