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What does blue say about your brand?

It's not just about your favourite colour when choosing your brand colours; your choice is influenced by psychology.

What your brand stands for, your goals, and ultimately the emotions you want your customers to feel will all play a role in choosing the colour for your brand. Today we will speak about the colour blue and what that means in business branding and advertising.

The main emotions that the colour blue arouses in people are trustworthiness, compassion, honesty, loyalty, calm, authority, and responsibility.

Let’s look at it in a little more detail:

Trustworthiness and Honesty

The colour blue is typically worn by police, which immediately inspires confidence in us. Additionally, you'll notice that foreign medical staff members typically wear blue scrubs, which evokes feelings of honesty and care.

Mediclinic, Clicks, Pfizer, and SAQA are businesses with blue logos.


Most people all over the world regard it as their favourite colour. We tend to be biased and loyal to our "blue tribe".

Think of Twitter and Facebook, two popular social media sites that keep us in touch with our loved ones while also fostering new business relationships and friendships. How about Dell or HP? You like either one and remain loyal to your chosen brand.

Tranquillity, Calm, and Peace

Blue is not an aggressive colour because it is non-intrusive. The colour blue is associated with peace and calm because both the sky and the sea are shade of blue and lying on the beach causes you to feel relaxed. Numerous SPAs and companies in the hospitality industry, use the colour to encourage tranquilly.

In Cape Town we have the Lagoon Beach Hotel, Protea Hotels, and even the internationally renowned Hilton Hotels & Resorts use blue to its best advantage in their branding.

Authority and Responsibility

Royal blues got their name because they were once rare and only worn by royalty. Additionally, a lot of accounting firms market their services using blue, which is automatically associated in our minds with responsibility and order.

Blue branding is used for famous organisations like BMW, Standard Bank, Anglo American, and KPMG.

Here are some extra fun facts about the colour blue

  1. The Crayola Wheel has 19 different kinds of blue.

  2. Colours Explained states that there are 99 shades of blue, which might be why your graphic designer would need a sample of your blue before they can design to your expectations.

  3. Only 8% of humans have blue eyes, and according to scientific research, people with blue eyes have a single common ancestor.

  4. Blue is the rarest colour found in nature if you take the sea and sky out of the mix.

  5. As per the Britannica: "Indigo was used as a dye to colour cloth for trousers, which became known as blue jeans."

  6. Police uniforms were inspired by ancient Rome, when public servants wore blue.

  7. According to a study by the University of Washington, mosquitoes will likely ignore you if you wear blue.

Why we chose blue and black branding

Campus solutions: a Place of gathering where we create opportunities help evolve creativity and provide solutions!

We chose blue because it represented and aligned a lot with our values. We chose black because it is strong, modern with a serious tone, as we do mean business!

Have you decided on the right colours for your brand? Our "blood is blue" at Campus Solutions, but we can print in any colour with our quality printers and expert designers.

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