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How to wash your printed clothing

It is important to follow the washing guidelines on your printed apparel to get the longest lifespan out of it.

As a clothes printing business, we receive frequently asked questions such as "Can I iron on my DTF printed clothing?" and "Should I hand wash my vinyl printed T-shirt?" Knowing how to care for your printed apparel is essential to preserving its quality and longevity. We've compiled a short instruction manual to help you care for your garments in the best way possible.

How to wash your HTV or DTF printed garments

Direct-to-garment, direct-to-film, and heat transfer vinyl garments are sensitive to harsh conditions; therefore, you need to use a gentle approach when washing and ironing your garments. Whether you have a custom-printed t-shirt or other apparel, these washing instructions and guidelines will apply to all of them.

When can I wash my clothes?

  • 24 hours after printing is suggested since the film or vinyl must first bond with the fabric. Cleaning it too quickly may cause it to flake or peel off.

How do I wash my clothes?

  • The general opinion is to turn the shirt inside out to avoid the prints rubbing against the washing machine drum and other fabrics.

  • If the garment has a serious stain, you must wash it by hand before putting it in the washing machine.

  • To avoid damaging the print, use cold water or extremely low temperatures.

  • Keeping the cycle gentle will be your best option.

Should I use a specific detergent and softener?

  • You can use powder detergent, but it will not be as effective as liquid washing detergent in terms of garment lifespan. The less scratching and rubbing, the better for the print on the fabric.

  • What is vital to realise is that any bleach or detergent that penetrates stains can contain a chemical that could ruin your print. They're great for keeping clothes clean, but not so much for keeping your personalised t-shirts looking new for as long.

  • As a result, use a gentle detergent with no additives.

  • As for fabric softener, according to Polyprint DTG, "the rule of thumb is to not use any fabric softener, but if you insist on adding one, make sure that its quantity is small."

How do I dry my DTF and HTV printed clothes?

  • We don't always have a lot of time or the correct weather, but air-drying your printed apparel will be beneficial.

  • The alternative option is to tumble dry it in your dryer on the lowest setting.

Can I iron on DTF and HTV prints?

  • The quick answer is, yes, you can.

  • Put a cloth over the print and iron on the cloth rather than directly on the print, or flip the garment inside out before ironing.

  • Direct ironing on the print can cause it to shrink which makes it loosen the adhesive and peel.

We usually only follow directions for the first two months, until the novelty of the new garment wears off, but if you can keep these washing, drying, and ironing guidelines for your printed apparel, you'll make them last longer and stretch your investment farther than if you disregard them.

If you want DTF or HTV printed clothing, we have the printers to handle both small and large orders. Order now with Campus Solutions, the experts in printing who listen to you.


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