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Car Vehicle Branding; How Rear Windscreen Advertising & Other Vinyl Decals Can Benefit Your Business

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How Rear Windscreen Advertising & Other Vinyl Decals Can Benefit Your Business

In the modern consumer world, there is a myriad of marketing methods to pick and choose from. In the end, it all boils down to your budget and what will get you the best results. Some of these methods are via rear windscreen advertising and other vinyl decals.

In this article, we explain what these custom vinyl stickers and company vehicle magnets entail and what they can mean for your business.

What is Car Vehicle Branding?

Vehicle branding is a broad term to describe anything that you put on your vehicle that promotes your company/business. Forms of vehicle branding include:

Car Magnets

Car magnets are exactly what they sound like: giant magnets made to advertise your company/business that sticks to steel cars.

Car Stickers

Car stickers work in the same way as the stickers we knew as children. Car stickers are obviously just of much higher quality than the teenage mutant ninja turtle you found in a lucky packet. It has an adhesive side and backing paper that needs to be peeled off.

Car Decal

These are outdoor stickers that get pasted onto cars generally used for decorative purposes. When it comes to marketing, these are often in combination with or to highlight other branding such as the type of business, a business name or important info such as contact details.

How Magnetic Car Signs & Other Branding Decal Can Benefit Your Business

There are a few ways vehicle signage can benefit your business:

It’s Attention Grabbing

It’s impossible not the notice car branding. And some creative designs are definitely a conversation starter.

Reaching a Wider or More Targeted Audience

If you’re company/business serves customers in a specific area, car branding is the perfect solution to reach them. Just the commute to and from work can already lead to some inquiries and sales. And if you’re business can cater to customers across the country and you travel a lot, car branding will also help you spread the word without much extra effort on your part.

It is Cost-effective

Radio and TV ads can be very expensive and internet ads such as those on Google and social media where you need to pay per view or click can also quickly add up to a large amount. With car magnets and other car branding options, you just pay the once-off vinyl printing cost and there will not be any further charges, no matter how many thousands of views or inquiries you get.

It Offers Extra Protection

Businesses can buckle under the amount of insurance so often needed for added expenses. Insurance such as Professional Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Product Liability Insurance and much more. Car branding can definitely bring some relief to the Vehicle Insurance side of things and the number of claims you have to submit. This is because the magnets, stickers or decal protects your vehicle against small dents and scratches. And branding such as rear windscreen advertising can protect against chips and cracks.

Get High-Quality Car Branding at Affordable Prices

Ready to make the leap? Before you start Googling “stickers and labels printing near me” simply contact us at Campus Solutions and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have or provide you with a quote.

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