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Let's Talk T-Shirt Printing Somerset West

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

To profit or to promote, that is the question.

The OG way for companies to flex their branding muscles, however, guess what? It's no longer just for the business suits. We're about to enter the wild world of T-shirts, where we can make some money and unleash our inner fashionista.

Side Note: "OG" is a slang term that stands for "Original Gangster." It's often used to refer to something or someone that's considered the original, classic, or the first of its kind in a particular context. In the rewritten article, "the OG way" is used to emphasise that T-shirt printing has a long history and is a traditional or classic method that companies have used for a long time to promote their brands. It's a way of saying that T-shirt printing is a well-established and time-tested practice.

T-shirt printing to earn extra money:

Imagine this: you're at work, sipping your pricey latte, and your bank account is pleading for mercy. That's when T-shirt printing comes to the rescue! Selling customised tees at great events or for certain causes is our ideal side hustle.

T-shirt printing as a creative hobby:

That's not all. Custom apparel printing isn't just about the Rands; it's also a hip hobby. Thanks to the magic of online printing services, you can whip up epic designs and slap 'em on top-notch shirts. It's like a virtual canvas for your creative soul, just waiting for you to splash your ideas all over it.

T-shirt printing for your club or channel merch:

Apparel branding and T-shirt printing is like having the best playroom ever. You can print on fabrics that are as different as your Spotify mix. You can also pick from a huge range of colours and try out different printing methods.

Do you want a shirt for your channel? Yes, check. Need t-shirts that go with your "MBT Extremists" club? I get it. Printing on T-shirts is all about getting people to work together.

5 Types of Apparel Branding and Printing:

There are a bunch of different ways to print that you can pick from, like a cool buffet. For this article, let's cover the basic forms of printing customised t-shirts:

1. DTF (Direct to Film) is like a low-budget blockbuster – perfect for bulk orders with bold and sassy designs. It's like Netflix for T-Shirts.

2. DTG (Direct to Garment) is the Leonardo da Vinci of printing methods. It uses high-tech inkjet printers to create intricate masterpieces, perfect for your niche fan club merch.

3. Vinyl printing – cut it out, heat-press it in, and voilà! It's the Sharpie marker for T-shirt printing. Simple, easy, and great for DIY vibes.

4. Sublimation is like tattooing your shirt, but less painful. Heat-press and sublimation ink team up to make those colours pop, perfect for polyester party animals.

5. Now, embroidery is like grandma's knitting—classy and timeless. Special machines stitch your design, and it's excellent for smaller logos and text.

So, whatever your poison, T-shirt printing is all about expressing yourself, making it rain for your brand, or maybe even snagging some extra cash.

It's a T-shirt revolution out there, my friends. Why not dive in and see where your creativity takes you? It's time to print the dream!

Finally, you don't even need your own printer or heat press machine; we can print it for you, and if you don't know how to design it, we will even design it for you.

Share your dream with us, and we'll guide you in the best way that will benefit you and your purpose the most. Get in touch with Campus Printing Solutions here.

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