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Campus Solutions Print Terms & Product Guide - Download

In an effort to simplify matters for our buyers and followers, we have compiled a document that defines some of the more common but yet baffling terms used in the printing industry. If you decide to go from being a follower to a patron, the last few pages detail our offerings.

In this document, you will also find some interesting facts and history about the printing industry, for example:

Did you know?

  • Woodblock printing, developed in the 7th century in China, paved the way for the commercial printing industry.

  • Jakob Christoffel Le Blon invented the three-and-four-colour printing method (RYB) in 1710, which was the forerunner to the CMYK system.

Plus, we provide an explanation or definition of each service we provide to assist our customers, followers, and visitors in understanding which options are available and what would best suit their needs.

The table of contents includes:

  1. Print, Design & Marketing Terms

  2. Apparel Branding

  3. Stationary Printing

  4. Large Format Printing

  5. Bulk Printing

  6. Vinyl Printing & Vehicle Branding

Please download the full document here.

Download PDF • 20.88MB

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